Sparebanken Møre
︎Identity, UI/UX, Motion, Strategy

Sparebanken Møre is the largest financial house in the west region of Norway. New competitive actors are joining the market, moving quickly - introducing innovative and groundbreaking services. To meet this development, the client had to update their visual profile and product portfolio. Sparebanken Møre is located in one of Norway´s most innovative counties, export and entrepreneurship being key pillars. This became the natural starting point for our strategic platform – positioning the bank as the primus motor for the creative drive in the Northwestern part of Norway.

The building blocks both illustrate the spirit of cooperation in the local community – and brings all the different concepts within Sparebanken Møres universe together.

A collection of 110+ product icons for both digital and print.


Design: Andreas Bjørkeng Sogn, Thomas Ramskjell Larsen
Code: Avento
Photography: Tone Molnes
Brandfilm: Fuglefjellet